Out and About Coffee is a mobile coffee bar in my hometown Sarasota. A fun short to produce with a variety of locations due to Justin’s mobile nature. I’m a little biased as he is my friend, but really, if you want the best coffee in Sarasota, stop by and see Justin. You can find him on Instagram @OutandAboutCoffee

Bob Fisher of Roaring Toyz (custom motorcycle parts manufacturer) put together an effort to run the 2017 Daytona 200, a 200 mile race in Daytona Beach, FL. Here’s a little taste of the weekend.

Wisconsin was a personal project I edited after visiting my home state of Wisconsin and filming the trip. Many family members still live there, and it really is a gorgeous state. The hills of Buffalo county rival some of those in the Carolinas. Enjoy this piece, it’s paired with a voiceover written by myself, narrated by my mother.

Ideal Classic Cars holds over 100 classic cars in inventory on any given day, with a constant change in inventory. I’m a bit of a moorhead myself, although more knowledgable on motorcycles, so this was a treat! That being said, ICC has one of the most impressive collections and operations in the entire area, with everything from hot rods, every generation of Corvette, modern day vehicles and and movie cars. It was a privilege to work with them on this and to capture some of the automotive art they have on display in their showroom. Oh and by the way, that showroom is open to the public free of charge..